Yesterday I made yogurt, today I strained it. Picked raspberries, so yummy. Fertilized the front sidewalk garden and the flagpole area. Pepper sprayed the front sidewalk flowers. I have a lot of bunnies around. Lucky I have extra marigolds around the yard. I had to replace three of the marigolds and I put a chicken wire cages around them so the bunnies don’t eat these young tender plants. Weeded the blue bottle path and straightened the blue bottles. I want them to look pretty for the garden tours. Weeded the front edge of the garden a little. It is like concrete. We need rain. In the morning the plants are lush and plump from the dew and low temps. BUT come afternoon they are dehydrated and limp from the hot sun. I think I might water the edges. They get the most abuse because Dave drives on the edge with his tractor tires, really compacting the soil. The weeds seem to survive those conditions. I have ground covers planted on the edges and they are also quite tuff. I have to water the bog veggie pots daily now that the plants and root systems are huge. They look great. On the other hand, the potato bed looks bad. I looked for some potatoes pulling away the straw. It is saturated with water. Couldn’t find any potatoes. I hope I am wrong and they are hiding. It is the lowest spot in that area. I thought the potatoes would be among the straw…not. I will take a fork to the soil and see if I find any potatoes that went deep. Mom came over for a couple of hours and ‘deadheaded’ the flowers and of course pulled some weeds. Thank you Mama. I love you. It was a beautiful day in the garden.

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  1. Lark, good luck with the garden tours and enjoy them. I always read your posts and view your videos and greatly enjoy them. I’ve tried and use many of your practices. Hope you get rain soon (not on garden walk days!!) Carol Jean
    ps- I tried making a video of my garden this spring. I need much more practice.

  2. Thank you Carol Jean. I appreciate your visiting me. I have started watering the perennial beds. We seem to get missed by all the rain. Lucky perennials are quite tough. But without rain they bloom faster and not as lush. I do know how you feel about making your first video. I was so insecure about making my first video. I didn’t have a very good camera. But I just ‘did it’ because I wanted to share my experiences and passion. I don’t have a professional looking video and I don’t know how to edit BUT I like to feel that all the viewers are taking a walk with me. Take care my friend. ENJOY!

  3. I found your videos on You Tube about 3 or 4 months ago & so enjoy them. I have learned so much from you! It inspired me to put in some of the same plants you have knowing they are hardy & mostly low maintenance. I have a lemon grass plant too that I love the smell of the root but haven’t harvested any yet. I still have to try your pepper spray as I have bunny issues as well & deer too. We also have moles big time. Do you have any issues with moles?

    Again just wanted to say hello from Montello (Zone 5 I think!) I know you are down by Dousman so it should be the same!

    Take care.


  4. Good morning Sheila,
    I don’t see any mole damage during the summer, only in the Winter. Usually in the grasses and some of my husbands bushes. Mice, voles and moles.
    Happy gardening my friend.

  5. We are a garden club near Roscoe and west and would love to come for a tour summer 2018. We firm up our garden calendar in November for the following year. Any month we could come would be great. Contact me please yet this summer re which month would be best for you. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

  6. Hi Diane. Thank you for thinking that my garden is worth the drive up here to Wisconsin. No, I am no longer giving tours. May your gardening season is beautiful and bountiful.

    Smiles, Lark

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