The raspberries are producing nicely. I started picking them July 6, which is around 6 weeks earlier than last year. I am thankfu I learned how to prune ever bearing raspberries. Last Fall I pruned the ‘old’ woody canes down to the ground and left the one year old green canes & the new canes standing. The one year old canes are the ones which are producing berries now and the new canes will produce in late summer. Might sound confusing, but the important thing is to cut back all the old woody thick canes to the ground in Fall. My patch is mulched with bark. I have rope supports and bird netting over the top. This year I didn’t want to share with the birds. It is also fenced in with chicken wire. I fertilize with worm castings and comfrey tea monthly. Once the bark mulch starts breaking down, the soil will become more fertile. If it doesn’t rain in a 10 day stretch, I water the patch. It is a small patch, about 8’x8′. I have started another patch down in the bog area, 5’x8′. I didn’t have it fenced in so the bunnies ate every cane down to the ground last winter. I now have a chicken wire fence around it and netting over the top of arched conduit pipe. The plants have started to grow back. Next year should be better. Maybe I will have enough berries to freeze. Dave and I eat berries daily. I share the rest with my Mom and my Grandkids.

Happy gardening my friends.

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2 thoughts on “BOUNTIFUL BERRIES

  1. Hi Lark, Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with SumMerDel today. You are an inspiartion and a joy to be around. I hope to learn more each time I attend garden club. Your explanation on soil was very helpful. Can you post thelayers you described?

  2. You are totally welcome, my friend. So much love and positive energy flowing at our Garden Tour. My gardens FILL my mind, body and Spirit with love, joy, happiness and peace. A pleasure to share with others. Kathy go to my HOME PAGE, in the search box type in LASAGNA METHOD and the article should help you. If you have questions, add a comment. Hope this helps you. So nice to have spent time with you yesterday. Hugs to you.

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