Building a ‘No Turn’ Compost Pile

Building a ‘No Turn’ Compost Pile


I am a Wisconsin gardener. In late Spring I start a new compost pile that I continue to add material weekly, sometimes daily, until November. I DO NOT turn this compost pile. It does become a HOT COMPOST PILE. I alternate layers of green, brown and WATER.

1. Grass clippings (no chemicals), shredded newspaper (black & white), water, shovel full of old compost or soil, clippings of garden flowers/veggies etc., cardboard, junk mail, water. Add kitchen scraps: coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, fruit, veggies. Tissue, napkins, paper towel.

2. Make sure you water in between the layers you add. During the hot weather I make sure a water more often. You don’t want it to dry out.

3. I cover my pile with clear plastic so the raccoons are less likely to dig in it. Also, it keeps the pile hotter. This time of the season I am doing a lot of deadheading, cutting back and pulling out, so I am adding to the compost pile daily. Making sure I put a layer the browns (cardboard, junk mail, newspaper or dried leaves) over my greens. Don’t forget to water.

4. Nature will do the decomposing. I don’t have the strength to turn it and by next summer it will be finished.

5. Make sure you locate your compost pile in a spot that gets full sun. The less sun it gets the slower the decomposing will take.

Composting keeps a lot of waste out of our landfills and rewards us with BLACK GOLD. Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Building a ‘No Turn’ Compost Pile

  1. What a nice website. You have no idea how much I love your vids. You really know how to do it and not sound like a know it all. It’s so nice when people are real. I am happy to be here and I know I’ll learn something new.


  2. Good morning Dynodish. Thank you for stopping by my garden website/forum and your VERY KIND comments. Join the forum, you will find it fun and imformative. Plus, then you can post and maybe help or give us members some information and post pictures of your GIANT PUMPKINS. Growing pumpkins is a first for me. I bought a smaller variety and next year want to grow some BIGGER ones.


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