Three weeks ago I decided to try & make COMFREY TEA.  I was warned that it will be very stinky. It certainly was. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with cut up COMFREY LEAVES and STALKS packed down & to the top. Then I filled the bucket with water, making sure all the leaves stay submerged (I put a brick on it for a couple days).  Put a cover on it because it will STINK. Get a LONG stick for stirring the concoction. After a couple of days I take the brick out because I don’t want to be fishing out a brick in this stinky brew. I stir this at least 1-2 times daily to put some air into it. The leaves will decompose and this brew will be green. And did I mention that it will STINK??? I let this COMFREY TEA sit for 3 weeks. After this time there should be very little leaves & stalks left in the bucket. It all decomposed.  To use as a liquid fertilizer I used a ratio of 1 part COMFREY TEA to 20 parts water. No I didn’t measure exactly. The end result should look like very light colored water. The smell now reminds me of a cow barn.  I used a sprinkling can to water every thing in my veggie gardens.


After applying the COMFREY TEA to my gardens, I started to more buckets of this ORGANIC FERTILIZER.  In 3-4 weeks I will give the gardens another application.  I am so glad that I have several large plantings of COMFREY. Of course after cutting down the COMFREY, I thanked the plant for sharing all its wonderful healing & fertilizing properties it has.  I then watered all the plants thoroughly.

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  1. Good morning Deb. Thanks for stopping by. Comfrey grows in zones 3-9. When shopping for Comfrey I would search the internet. Amazon or Craigs List would be a good start.

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