My Cucumber plants have barely been in my gardens for 10 days and I already spotted the dreaded Cucumber Beetle.


A couple of the leaves had holes in them and I saw rust colored spots on the leaves. Sure signs of the dreaded Cucumber Beetle. I smushed several of them and several more flew away. I decided to try a different technique. I will take an empty sour cream container and add an inch or so of water and a squirt of dish soap. Hold the container under the leaf & tap the leaf. Hopefully the cucumber beetle will fall in and won’t be able to get out. I use this technique on the Japanese Beetles and it works great. Just time consuming. I DO NOT WANT TO USE CHEMICALS.

I think the mornings would be good for hunting the Cucumber Beetle because they should be quite sluggish and won’t fly off so easily. Except for one thing. My Mom always told me not to touch the plants when they are moist with dew or rain. It causes fungal diseases. Have any of you heard this? I better play it safe and do the BEETLE PATROL when the leaves are dry.

I already started some new cucumber seeds, just in case these plants start going downhill fast. There are a couple of cucumbers forming on the vine. Maybe in a couple of weeks I will be eating my organic cucumbers. Wish me luck.

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