Easy & Cheap Self Watering Cuttings Propagation

Easy & Cheap Self Watering Cuttings Propagation

Easy & Cheap Self Watering Cuttings Propagation how to guide:


Materials needed:

  •      Terra cotta pot
  •      Plastic pot or container several inches LARGER than the terra cotta pot
  •      Glue gun
  •      Duct tape
  •      Mini binds
  •      Soilless mix
  •      Rooting hormone (optional)
  •      Clear plastic bag
  •      Cuttings of your favorite plants
  •      Pencil
  •      Water
  1. With glue gun take the terra cotta pot and seal the hole in the bottom of the pot so it will hold water.
  2. After glue has dried soak terra pot in the sink submerged in water.
  3. Moisten  soilless mix with  a little water.
  4. Take moistened terra cotta pot and place it in the center of the larger plastic pot.
  5. Fill the plastic pot with moistened soilless mix. GENTLY pat down the soilless mix.
  6. Take your cuttings, dip in rooting hormone (optional).
  7. With a pencil make a small hole in the moisten soilless mix and gently push cutting into the soilless mix. Add a little soilless mix around cutting if needed. Repeat this method all around the pot.
  8. GENTLY water the cuttings to settle them into their ‘new home’.
  9. Take mini blinds and cut them into the length needed to arch over your cuttings.  These will support your clear plastic bag.
  10.  Secure the mini blinds with duct tape.
  11.  Fill terra cotta pot with water.
  12.  Place your pot/container in a large clear plastic bag and seal it up.


Now you have a mini greenhouse. Place it in light but NO SUN.  This method should stay moist, but not soggy.  Watch the level of water in the terra cotta pot. When it starts going down, add more water.  Depending on the type of cuttings, you should see new top growth in about 2 weeks. At that time, check one cutting by GENTLY digging up (I use a skinny cooking fork) to see how big the root system is.  If it is large enough, transplant your cutting into a 4” pot.  NOW YOU HAVE A NEW PLANT!  You have saved yourself a lot of money by making your own new plants. Have fun and experiment with all your plants.  Start doing this now so you have plants for your Spring garden and containers.

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2 thoughts on “Easy & Cheap Self Watering Cuttings Propagation

  1. NOTE: After a week I noticed mold was starting to grow on top of the soil. So I suggest only leave the plastic bag on for a day or two (just until the cuttings perk up a bit) I removed the plastic bag and scraped to mold off of the top layer of soil. In about 10 days I checked for root growth. Yes, I had a very good percentage of cuttings that rooted. All the cuttings took to being transplanted very nicely. They are now out side in my ROLLING SHELF GREENHOUSE getting use to the sunlight and the lower temps at night. At night I roll them all into the garage. Isn’t gardening rewarding? This SELF WATERING CUTTING SYSTEM is a do again project. :0)

  2. It is now time to start my 2013 cuttings. What I learned from last year is that I DO NOT NEED TO USE THE CLEAR PLASTIC to give a greenhouse effect. Using the plastic kept too much moisture in and I had mold or moss growing on the surface…so off with the plastic. Just make sure you keep water in the terracotta pot. I did this method several times during the year and was very successful in getting healthy roots. Also, I found a terracotta pot that DID NOT have a hole in the bottom, which eliminated me plugging the hole with hot glue.

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