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Wisconsin zone 4/5
2284 Posts
November 4, 2014 - 6:59 am

Every day I get a little more prepared for Winter. The last of chopped leaves & grass clippings are in the CINDER BLOCK RAISED BEDS and the Asparagus patch. I also added coffee grounds.  I will continue adding coffee grounds for the next few weeks.

I got a trailer load of bark that will be put onto the 'new' blueberry patch. I cleaned up & cut down all the flowers in the front yard. Shut off all the outside water & drained the pipes.  Patio set is all covered and ready for the snowy season.  Dave & I will be chicken wiring some of the bushes that the bunnies like. 

I haven't seen any Fox for the last two months. CryI sure hope that we are still in his 'hunting territory'. Even though he isn't living in the den that is in my hosta garden. When the snow does come it is easy to see animal tracks and if he visits his old den.  SmileI saw a ONE bunny the other day. I haven't had a bunny in my yard for more than 9 months.

The leaves are all off of the Red Twig Dogwoods. Now is the perfect time to clip them for winter decorations.  I made arrangements in my 2 large blue pots that flank my front door.  I used Red Twigs, Blue Spruce and dried PeeGee Hydrangea flowers and 2 small pumpkins nestled into the base. After Thanksgiving I will take out the pumpkins and replace them with large pinecones.

I just finished making Greek yogurt and I will be sprinkling the 'whey' onto a raised bed. It adds good bacteria to the soil and it is organic & free.

Dousman, Wisconsin, zone 5

Wisconsin zone 4/5
2284 Posts
November 16, 2014 - 6:35 am

Twenty-three degrees and 2" of snow. The landscape looks so pretty. Come February I am sick of the cold & snow.  Hard to believe it is still Fall.  It is time to keep the bird feeders filled and make sure they have water. Luckily we the creek almost never freezes over.  It attracts a lot of wild life.  I am very blessed to have a piece of heaven right here at home.

I made a Tuscan Kale soup yesterday and homemade Artisan bread. I follow a man called Steve on YouTube and got the recipe there. list=FLj7vVNR6ffIvD_zIw_Kmu_Q&index=61 Hope this link works. If not his YouTube name is artisanbreadwithsteve

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Take care my friends.

Dousman, Wisconsin, zone 5

19 Posts
November 19, 2014 - 6:55 am

Hi Lark,

I grow my blueberries and raspberries in pots on my patio and push them up against a south facing white wall for winter warmth.  I have 2 bay trees I am trying to train in globes (like a lollipop) and I bring those indoors for winter.  It's amazing how fresh bay leaves are so tasty compared to the store bought leaves.  The fragrance is just gorgeous!   

We live in a forest and I used to really dislike leaves because the chore of picking them up just never ends here!  This year I have a little electric vacuum and place them in black leaf bags to use as mulch in the spring.  I just load it with shredded leaves, add a little water, poke holes in the bag with my garden fork and voila! Leaf Mold! Brilliant!  I love my  old dead leaves now!  It's all perspective I suppose. 

It's too cold to do anything outdoors at the moment so I've started paper towel method salad seeds and some herbs but I plan to do a little bit as often as possible to prepare my garden for Spring!  

That bread looks splendid!  I am going to get some instant yeast and have a go at bread baking for the holidays! YUM!  If it turns out I may have my gifts sorted!  Put a bow on it and give it away.  Next year I can add a jar of homemade jam! Thanks for sharing that bread youtube link. 

Have a lovely day and thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.

Zone 6/7 - Virginia

Wisconsin zone 4/5
2284 Posts
November 19, 2014 - 8:46 pm

A couple things I do differently than Steve the bread guy. I use 10oz. of water.  After stirring everything in the bowl with the handle of the wooden spoon (which works great), I knead it about 10-15 times, then cover with plastic wrap. I like to let mine set for 18-24 hours in my oven (off of course). When baking, I line my cast iron dutch oven with parchment paper and place it on an insulated cookie sheet. This helps with not burning the bottom of the bread. I know every oven is different. I bake the bread 35 minutes COVERED and then take the cover off and continue baking for 20 more minutes. With using parchment paper, all I do is tip the dutch oven upside down and the bread falls out. I tried several times baking it the amount of time he said and mine turned out way to wet and the crust wasn't as crispy as we liked. This bread is now a STAPLE in our house.

Dousman, Wisconsin, zone 5

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