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Wisconsin zone 4/5
2296 Posts
February 1, 2015 - 6:02 am

Snow and wind this morning.  Days are getting longer and closer to Spring.  I am now in the gardening mode.  Feels good. I need to order a few seeds. Mostly using what I have. My south windows are now becoming my green house.  I am using the CLEAR TOTES again this year. They keep my floors a lot drier & cleaner.

Have any of you started anything yet?

Dousman, Wisconsin, zone 5

Wisconsin zone 4/5
2296 Posts
February 26, 2015 - 7:16 am

I can check off another thing off my bucket list.SurprisedI saw a BALD EAGLE soaring about our property.  I can't tell you how excited I was. He stayed long enough for Dave to get the binoculars and see this beauty up close. We are hoping that he is looking for a nesting tree. We have quite a few TALL, TALL TAMARACKS he can call home.  Fish in the creek, mill pond, several lakes and rodents galore. What's not to like?  Yes, my wish was to see a BALD EAGLE up close & wild BUT now a Bald Eagle nesting on my property is on my bucket list. I would settle for the near vicinity, his personal territory.SmileIt has been two days since my seeing him, hope by chance I am around when he shows his BEAUTIFUL face again.

Our weather has been bitter cold & then a warm up for a day (teens) and then back down to below zero. I know many of you are experiencing this weird weather too.  Hope you all are safe and have not lost power. 

I am now in full speed ahead with starting seeds. So far, so good. No fungus gnats YET. I was going to order a few seeds from Johnny's Selected Seed but the coupon code for free shipping was expired.  I couldn't find another code so I won't order. I refuse to pay $6-$9 dollars for shipping AND the high prices for seed packets.  I am looking for the 'Juliet' Cherry Tomato and the Japanese Long Cucumber (Suyo or Telegraph).  Maybe I will get a couple of reseeds of the Juliet that fell to the ground. I did purchase Chadwick Cherry Tomato for this season just in case I don't get Juliet.

I have been VERY busy getting my parents home up for sale. Can't tell you how much STUFF we are donating.  CRAZY!  I am glad this is all happening during the Winter months when we have more time.

Dousman, Wisconsin, zone 5

central Wisconsin
106 Posts
February 26, 2015 - 3:00 pm

Lark, I bought some Suyo Long Cucumber seeds for my garden this year on your recommendation.  I don't like shipping costs either but I added my small seed order to my christmas list and my son bought them for me. Lucky me. (It doesn't feel as 'bad' when it's a gift.)  Back to my point, I would like to share some of my seeds with you.  The seeds came from High Mowing Organic Seeds and are heirloom.  I regretfully don't have any Juliet tomato seeds.  I like to grow Juliet also but I just buy one plant in the spring for my garden.  How many seeds would you like?

I garden in central Wisconsin and we have had a slightly colder winter than you but have certainly appreciated the sunshine the last several days.  I follow your blog but haven't commented often.  I've learned a lot from you.  I'm going to try a clear tote mini-greenhouse this year.  My past endeavors at seed starting in the house have failed but I'm going to try again on a small scale.  I want to start my seeds next week (mainly zinnias; I would like to have tall zinnias blooming on July 11 for a garden tour.)

Good luck with your blueberries.  The set up looks really good.  I have had 3 blueberry bushes for about 10 years and they have done well without much help from me.  My problem the last couple years is chipmunks.  They love blueberries.  I have 4 foot fencing and plastic netting to keep out birds and rabbits.  But the chipmunks can climb the fencing and chew through the netting.  I'm afraid they could even squeeze through chicken wire.  The 1/2inch opening fencing is so expensive it would be more than $50 to enclose my 4' X 8' bed.  So I let the chipmunks have my blueberries.

Please let me know how many cucumber seeds you could use.  Carol Jean

Western Kentucky Zone 7a
616 Posts
February 27, 2015 - 5:50 am

I have a comment for Carol Jean ~ I had trouble with my blueberries too, someone or something else (I think it was deer) always ate them before I could.  Here's what worked (on the suggestion of another gardener) ~ a cheap toy rubber snake or two ($1.00) from Walmart or the Dollar Store.  Other than the fact that it startles me now and then, it really worked.  Worth a shot?

Wisconsin zone 4/5
2296 Posts
February 27, 2015 - 6:19 am

Yes, CarolJean I would like a few Suyo Cucumber seeds.  Thank you very much. Three seeds would be enough.  I will private message you my address. Check your 'INBOX' at the top of the page. If there are seeds you want and I have, I would like to help you out.

I will soon be ordering my Blueberries.  I am quite anxious to get started.  I am a 'little bit' embarrassed to say that I ABSOLUTELY wouldn't allow chipmunks or gophers to eat my garden produce. YellSmile

KeyWee, I will give the 'rubber snake' a try.  I once put a wooden owl near a window that a Robin kept pecking on. The Robin sat ON THE OWL and pooped. I guess he wasn't afraid of it.Laugh

Dousman, Wisconsin, zone 5

central Wisconsin
106 Posts
February 27, 2015 - 3:10 pm

KeyWee, Thanks for the suggestion of a rubber snake (or two), I will give it a try.  I have plenty of chicken wire and I might add a layer of that to see if it helps too.  It will look a bit silly with 3 layers of protection but it would be nice to eat some of my own blueberries again.

Lark, I will mail the seeds tomorrow.  Glad I could share with a fellow gardener.

Carol Jean

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