A must in my landscape is garden grooming. Today I tried something new. I used the string trimmer to ‘cut back’ my Snow in the Summer, ground cover sedums and Meadow Sage. All of these perennials are on the edges of my gardens. It worked really nice. Saved my hands from a lot of labor & pain. Of course by mistake, I cut a few other plants that were close. But ‘oh well’ they will grow back and bloom.

I cut back by hand my Spring Daisies before they ‘go crazy’ dropping their seeds all over the gardens. But I do take a couple of flower heads that have dried and spread the seed where needed. Fleabane is an herb that I let reseed in my gardens. It adds a TALL white in the border and blooms after the Daisies. Yes, Fleabane is one of those ‘go crazy’ herbs/flowers that I control before it goes to seed. I love the height and the ‘airy branching’ it has.

Deadheading is now in full swing. Rose Campion and Knautia are in full bloom. Deadheading is a must in my gardens to insure that the plant continues blooming throughout the Summer. and All of these plants are what I call COME AGAINS. Year after year they give me wonderful color.

BEFORE the 4th of July, I make sure I ‘cut back’ SOME of my Phlox, Great Blue Lobelia and Goldenrod by 1/3. I have large clumps of these perennials I only cut back part of the clump. This method will give me color over 2 months, maybe 3 months. The ‘cut back’ plants will bloom later and shorter. After the ‘uncut’ plant blooms, I will ‘deadhead’ the plant, which will bloom again later in the season.

A great book and the only garden book I have on gardening is The Well Tended Perennial Garden

HAPPY GARDENING my friends. I hope you found this interesting and helpful.

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