On February 1, I decided to germinate radish seeds using the PAPER TOWEL METHOD for quick germination.  Three days later I planted the germinated seeds in a window box type container and placed it in my south facing windows.  I used a ‘store bought’ organic potting mix and mixed in some worm castings along with a little Azomite rock dust.  I planted the germinated seeds about an inch apart.  Five days later the seedlings poked through the soil.  I read that you shouldn’t fertilize radishes too much.  A good loose organic rich soil is what they want. Along with keeping the soil moist.  If you do fertilize too much the radish will put a lot of growth to the leaves and not grow a large bulb (root).  So I followed these instructions.  I picked my first radish 50 days after planting the seeds.  I picked the first radishes when they were on the smaller side.  This  gave more room for the other radishes to get larger. I guess I could have planted them farther apart or just thinned them.  To me ‘thinning’ is wasteful so I decided to just eat the first picking when they were on the small side.  At 65 days I was harvesting FULL SIZE radishes.  Mission accomplished…growing great radishes indoors.

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  1. Hi. I just watched your paper towel method to germination. I learned that after a day or two, the seeds form a “tail’ and it is now ready to plant. My question is…Is this “tail” root material and goes down in the soil or is it stem material and goes up….or it doesn’t matter how the tail goes?

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