A couple of years ago I was reading the label on my bottle of McCormicks Pure Vanilla Extract. I noticed that the ingredients had water listed, also a couple of other ingredients and only 40% alcohol. How is that considered PURE? I did some internet searching and found out how easy it is to make your own PURE VANILLA EXTRACT. Homemade not only tastes better, but also I know exactly what is in my bottle. Two ingredients: vodka and vanilla beans. That’s it. Plain and simple. I bought my vanilla beans from www.vanillaproductsusa.com I store my vanilla beans in an air tight glass container and keep it in a dark cabinet. They have fair prices and good service. I bought grade ‘B’ Bourbon Madagascar Beans. You don’t need grade ‘A’ to make extract, ‘B’ is less expensive and still a high quality. Here is how I made my PURE VANILLA EXTRACT.

1 quart of 80 proof vodka (cheap is fine) Make sure the bottle has a screw cap.
28 whole vanilla beans

I first took the labels off of my bottle of vodka. I use a hair dryer on the label and then it peels off easily. I use coconut oil to get the sticky residue off the glass. Now I have a clean bottle so I can add my own label. Make sure you put the date of when you make your PURE VANILLA EXTRACT.

Cut your 28 vanilla beans into 1” pieces. NO NEED TO SLICE OPEN EACH BEAN. Just cut into pieces.
Pour 4 ounces out of your quart (32 oz) vodka bottle. Now you have 28 oz. of vodka in the bottle.
Drop your 28 cut up pieces of vanilla beans into the vodka bottle. Screw cap on tight.
Label your bottle. PURE VANILLA EXTRACT and the DATE.
Place your bottle in a dark cupboard. Shake daily. Let set for 6 weeks before using.

That’s it, you are done. EASY and oh so good. I do not strain my vanilla. I leave the beans in my bottle until all the vanilla is gone. The longer it sits the stronger the flavor. If you do not want to make a quart of vanilla and want a smaller amount here is an easy proportion to remember. One vanilla bean per OUNCE OF VODKA.

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