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  1. Hi Lark-

    I met you earlier today at the Garden Expo. I’m checking out your website now, and I am definitely enjoying all the pictures of your garden. Your flowers are beautiful!


  2. I love your pictures! Saw the one of the forget me not that is even better. I was wondering if you can tell me how to do that or do you sale them? Thank you

  3. Hello, would allow my daughter’s wedding party to take pictures in your beautiful garden in August?

  4. Loved viewing your garden. I just planted some new hostas. I have had hostas for many years and they are great to share with friends when it is time to thin them out. But recently I bought a T. Rex hosta which doesn’t seem to be happy. I have watered and fertilized around the plant. It is in shade, and there is no crowding. It may be getting too much sun from 11am until 1:00 pm. Its been in the ground for two or three weeks. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. Good morning Mark. I would relocate this hosta so it does not get that HOT HIGH NOON sun. A little morning or LATE afternoon might be better. Do not overwater it. I would make sure the NEW hole you prepare is well amended with compost. Do not over water it. If you would like to fertilize it, I would use worm or compost tea. I read that this hosta might take a couple of years to get established.

  6. Hi, I enjoy you video on YouTube. I would like to start red wiggler worm farm. Do you sell your worm? I would like to start from small amount of worm, like 300 ~ 500. I am in Michigan.

  7. Hi Claire, No I do not sell worms. Try going to a bait shop and ask for red wigglers. Or if you have a compost pile I bet you have RED WIGGLERS in it. That is what I used to get my worm bin started. In a week or so I will be starting another worm farm. I am using a lot of worm castings this time of the year. Good luck and let me know if you find some RED WIGGLERS in your compost pile (or someone elses compost pile). Smiles, Lark

  8. Thanks for showing me your gardens today. I’ve been wanting to follow your signs on Hwy. 67 for two years now ever since my parents moved to the nursing home. You are an inspiration and I hope to visit you again! Kathy Z.

  9. Hi Kathy. My pleasure of walking you through my gardens. You are one more wonderful person I have met through my Hy 67 signs. I hope you feel you got a lot more than you thought you would. Stop again and thanks for joining in on my forum. Smiles, Lark

  10. I so enjoyed your kind tour of the gardens. I will e back with some coltsfoot for the bog. Then the fairies will really have fun. Mary

  11. Thank you Mary. It was very nice to walk my gardens with someone like you who knows so much about plants. I enjoyed your company and kind heart.
    Smiles, Lark

  12. I would love to see your garden. I am located at 936 Main Street in Delafield. My neighbors and friends refer to me as” Oh, your the lady that lives in that big blue house with all those flowers!

    I would sure like to get a few tips from you, your gardens look wonderful.

  13. Thank you Michele. A BLUE HOUSE, well you know that is my favorite color in the gardens. Just let me know when you would like to get together. Smiles, Lark

  14. Hi Lark! My husband and I just talked to you today at the Mukwonago flea market. We bought some of your plants and I told you I’m thinking of bringing a small group of ladies out to tour your gardens. Your website is so nice! I’m eager to share it with the other ladies and even more so to have them experience what I did a few years ago when I first saw the creative things you have done in your garden.i was hoping to come out this coming week. I’ll be calling you to set up a time.

  15. I am glad you like my website and hope you enjoy the forum. All my members are so nice. I look forward to meeting the ladies. Smiles, Lark

  16. Hi Lark This Is Snowwhitedove7 From Youtube And Thank You For The Invite To Your Forum.Wanted To Stop In Here And Say Hello And I Really Enjoy Your Videos & Pics.Looking Forward To Seeing More And Being Inspired By You.

  17. I am glad to see you. I look forward to all your gardening chatter. Please jump right in and show everyone your gardens. Smiles, Lark

  18. We Lodi gals really enjoyed our Garden visit on Monday. What a treasure you have. It has taken many hours to achieve the beauty in your yard. Thanks again for the tour. I was wondering where you purchased your fly catchers?

  19. What a great show! Your gardens are sooo beautiful. Going through your garden is giving me Spring fever! You are a real pro even in the way everything is laid out including the paths.

  20. Thank you Jan. I am FAR FROM A PRO. I am a very passionate BACKYARD gardener and on a low budget. I do have an art background and I am not afraid of being different.

  21. Hi Donna. I am in southeastern Wisconsin, zone 5. We have about 20″ of snow cover right now. Thank you for the nice compliment.

  22. Just stumbled upon your site. Wonderful! A question for you – do you leave your bowling balls outside over the winter?

  23. Yes, they stay outside all seasons. We have severe Winters and I only had a couple crack. Thanks for visiting my site. :0)

  24. Hi!
    recently watched your nice video on you tube. your garden is both beautiful and interesting! one of the plants you mentioned as being “blue joe pie weed”. i have looked high and low and cannot find this plant which i would love to add to our new england cottage garden. does it have another name which a seller may recognize?
    Elizabeth Schaut

  25. Good morning Elizabeth. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. There is no ‘blue’ Joe Pye Weed. The Joe Pye I have is ‘Gateway’, big mauve colored flowers. Probably the blue flower plant I mentioned is Great Blue Lobelia or Blue Balloon Flower. Both are EXCELLENT blues in a cottage garden. You have to be careful with the Great Blue Lobelia, it can GO CRAZY. I make sure I dead head it IMMEDIATELY after flowering. Since it is the type of plant that flowers from the bottom of the flowering stalk to the top, make sure you dead head it when it is still flowering. Because it has already started to set seed on the BOTTOM of the stalk when the top flower is blooming. Tricky little plant, but easy to pull. BUT it sets HUNDREDS of seeds on one stalk.

  26. Hi Lark…

    I am a Sheboygan Master Gardener and I was looking for info on youtube about seed stratification when I stumbled on your ice cube method video. It sounded so wacky that I almost passed over it. But I didn’t and I am sure glad that I viewed it. My ears perked up when you said you were from Wisconsin, so I checked out your website and I am very impressed with all that you experiment with.

    I found your later comment in that blog post and I was wondering if you have continued to use that method of stratification and if it has been more successful when you used fresher seed. I have several packets of native plants that need stratification and am looking for a simple and successful way to proceed.

    I also wonder if you would welcome a busload of Sheboygan gardeners to your beautiful gardens. We always take a bus trip at some point in the summer and we will be heading to the Milwaukee area this year.

  27. after you germinate your seeds in paper towels do you cover just the little tail when planting or the whole thing. I try to cover the little tail, is this correct or does it matter

  28. Yes, I cover the little tail and the seed itself, at the recommended depth on the package. If I do not have a package, I plant it about 3 times the size of the seed itself. Like a green bean seed an inch deep. A tomato seed 1/4″ deep. I do not press the soil too hard over the germinated seed. I gently water it in. Hope this helps.

  29. Hi Susan. No, I have not continued planting more seed using this method. I am pretty much done adding to the gardens. During the growing season I allowed some of my planted to ‘self seed’. We will see what Spring brings me. As you might have read, we are starting to think about selling. So right now I am going to just enjoy and maintain my yard.

    As far as a tour I will have to think about it. Thank you for your interest and kind words. I really don’t like this cold spell we are having. At least the sun is shining. THINK SPRING.

  30. Hi Lark, I watched some of your videos and, I noticed that your tomatoes grow very tall. What kind of tomatoes are those ?

  31. Brandywine, Celebrity, Big Beef, Amish Paste, Polish Liguisa, Juliet and Chadwick. Yes, they did get big. Could be because I started them early or because they are caged and they get good support.

  32. Hi Lark! I stumbled across your garden videos on YOUTUBE and I’m amazed at how lovely your gardens are. I live in Paso Robles, California and we are going through water rationing due to drought…so my ears pricked up when you talked about your plants that have low water needs. I heard you mention soaker hose. Is that how you water? What else are you doing to produce such lovely, gorgeous plants. Any suggestions? I just love your artistic eye and appreciate your narrative…it’s given me lots of ideas. Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful, informative posts! ❤️

  33. I am happy that you joined my website blog. Please go to the ‘FORUM’ page and join that also. There is a lot of information and chatting about gardening on the forum. Thank you for the kind compliments, very much appreciated. Gardening is my passion and lets me use my God given artistic talent. The last couple of years I have been using the ‘chop & drop’ method of mulching my soil. In turn it also feeds my soil. Covering with a mulch helps hold moisture in the soil. I do not use my soaker hoses too often. Some of them are broken, due to me digging in the garden and not realizing the hose is there AND ‘wella’ I just sliced the hose. :0) In Spring I scattered 10-10-10 around the FLOWER GARDENS, not my veggie gardens. Suggestions??? Well, I picked a THEME color and that is COBALT BLUE. I picked this color because it is one of the hardest colors to find in FLOWERS, so I use it in my garden art. It makes your eye flow through the garden smoothly and continuously. I also repeat the plantings throughout the garden. This also makes the eye flow smoothly. I love the cottage look to gardens. Different heights, textures and dense plantings. I do not follow the rule of short in front and tall in back. I will put a tall wispy plant, like Rose Campion right in front. I call these plants ‘see through’ plants. Because they do not have dense foliage and flowers, you can see the plants behind them. Verbena ‘Buenos Aries’ is another favorite ‘see through’ plant. One last suggestion. DO NOT put too much garden art or garden ‘knick knacks’ in the gardens. Less is more. Your garden should reflect YOUR personality, not a designers. :0)

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