Hi my gardening friends. I’m back. The days are getting longer and that means more SUNSHINE. Wisconsin Winters are much too long, grey and cold.

January 25, I seeded my onions. I have selected two types on ‘long day’ onions. A yellow onion called Patterson. This variety is suppose to store well. Not real huge but flavorful. My other selection is Red Wing. I grew this last year and it did quite well. I still have a 5# bag down in my basement.

This year I have decided to plant the seeds in 4” pots. Which are 2” deeper than last year’s container. This should give me a better root system. I also didn’t crowd the seeds. Probably about 15 seeds per 4” pot. My potting mix is a light and airy ‘seed starting’ mix and I add worm castings. I use about 1 part worm castings to 4 parts seed starter. They germinated in about 8 days, using a heat mat and a clear tote with the cover on. This kept them evenly moist, but not wet. The tote is in my south facing windows.

Now that they are about 5” tall, I have removed the heat mat and the cover. Today I placed the tote outside on my deck in the sunshine. It was 45 degrees and the sides of the tote kept the plants protected from the wind. If it is under 45F and sunny, I will leave the tote top on and just ‘crack’ it a little so it doesn’t get too hot. In a week I will give the young plants a ‘hair cut’. Trimming the green growth to about 3”. I will use the clippings in my salad.

So now that my gardening season has begun, I am feeling like Spring could POSSIBLY be around the corner. BUT all of you that know Wisconsin weather, know that snow storms are quite likely. Still all in all, I am soooooooooooooo happy to have sunshine.

For other posts about my onions from years past, go to my forum and check it out.


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  1. I have enjoyed your videos greatly. When germinating seeds, do you ever use grow lights? Or do you use totes for all germination of vegetables?

  2. Hi Lois. Yes, I sometimes use grow lights if the sun does not shine for several days. Otherwise I use the totes. That way all my seedlings and plants do not need ‘hardening off’. Right into the gardens they go. No sunburn. :0)

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