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Building a ‘No Turn’ Compost Pile

Building a ‘No Turn’ Compost Pile


I am a Wisconsin gardener. In late Spring I start a new compost pile that I continue to add material weekly, sometimes daily, until November. I DO NOT turn this compost pile. It does become a HOT COMPOST PILE. I alternate layers of green, brown and WATER.

1. Grass clippings (no chemicals), shredded newspaper (black & white), water, shovel full of old compost or soil, clippings of garden flowers/veggies etc., cardboard, junk mail, water. Add kitchen scraps: coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, fruit, veggies. Tissue, napkins, paper towel.

2. Make sure you water in between the layers you add. During the hot weather I make sure a water more often. You don’t want it to dry out.

3. I cover my pile with clear plastic so the raccoons are less likely to dig in it. Also, it keeps the pile hotter. This time of the season I am doing a lot of deadheading, cutting back and pulling out, so I am adding to the compost pile daily. Making sure I put a layer the browns (cardboard, junk mail, newspaper or dried leaves) over my greens. Don’t forget to water.

4. Nature will do the decomposing. I don’t have the strength to turn it and by next summer it will be finished.

5. Make sure you locate your compost pile in a spot that gets full sun. The less sun it gets the slower the decomposing will take.

Composting keeps a lot of waste out of our landfills and rewards us with BLACK GOLD. Have fun!