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How To Make Greek Yogurt

How To Make Greek Yogurt



1/2 cup Organic Greek Yogurt (plain) – for the starter. Purchase the best you can afford. A small container will do. Make sure it has ALL the active cultures.
Sauce Pan
Organic Milk – I tried all different milks. Whole, 1% and 2%. I now always use 1%
Digital Thermometer
1/4 measure cup
Whisk or Spoon
Cotton Flour sack Dish Towel – for straining the yogurt. I buy mine at Walmart. 100% cotton
Large Bowl – to hold 2 quarts

1. Pour 2 quarts of milk into saucepan. I use a digital thermometer. Scald the milk, which is around 180 degrees, continually stirring so it doesn’t burn on the bottom. Take off the burner and cool to 115-110 degrees.

2. Remove about 1 cup of cooled down milk and stir in 1/2 cup of yogurt. Pour this back into the cooled down scald milk in pan. Stir and mix well.

3. Place cover on top of sauce pan. Place sauce pan in a warm place. I put mine by a heat register, on carpeting and wrap a towel & then a blanket over the towel. Or I place it on a heating pad, set on low & cover with a thick towel. You want this incubating at around 110 degrees.

4. Let set (ferment) for 6-8 hours. I let mine set for 20-24 hours for better fermentation nutrients. Until it is a custard type consistency. It seems the longer it ferments the thicker and more tart it will taste.

5. Take a large bowl and place it in the kitchen sink, laundry tub or bath tub, which has a faucet long enough to hang the dish towel from – for straining. We are now ready to strain the yogurt. Take the flour sack dish towel and center it over the bowl. Pour the yogurt from the sauce pan into the bowl that has the dish towel over it. Now gather the 4 corners of the dish towel and tie it to the faucet, letting it hang over the bowl to drip the WHEY into. The WHEY is the liquid dripping from the yogurt. I leave mine drip for 15 – 30 minutes. The longer it drips, the thicker your yogurt becomes. I have forgotten mine and let it drip for 2 hours…it was like cream cheese. If this happens, just add some of the whey back into the strained yogurt and mix to the thickness you want.

6. After straining, scrape the yogurt from the towel and put in a container. I use GLASS.

7. I don’t care for the texture of the finished yogurt, so I beat mine with an electric mixer for a couple of minutes to make it smoother.

8. Place in the refrigerator. It will thicken up.

9. You now have GREEK YOGURT. Don’t be shocked that you only have 1 quart of yogurt. This is what makes Greek yogurt so expensive, it is half of the milk you put in.

10. REMEMBER: Don’t throw away the WHEY. There are many, many uses for the WHEY. I will discuss this another time. You can store the WHEY in glass bottles in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. Mine gets used much quicker than that.