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November 2013 I had a throbbing sinus headache for 10 days. I knew if I went to the doctor he would put me on antibiotics. I decided to not go the antibiotic root this time. I wanted to try getting rid of this sinus infection a natural way. Plus, I wanted to try to keep this condition from returning. PREVENTATIVE medicine. Something my doctor never mentions. I decided to do something that makes all doctors cringe, SEARCH THE INTERNET. Several times while reading articles, OIL PULLING was mentioned. I had no clue what they were talking about. What the heck is OIL PULLING? The more I read the more interesting it became. I decided to give it a try. Not only did it say OIL PULLING would get rid of my sinus headache, it would also keep it away for good. The articles had a list of all the great health benefits topically and internally. To mention a few benefits: teeth whitening, gum disease, superb oral hygiene, arthritis inflamation, weight loss, boosting your immune system, pulling out toxins from all over your body. I tried to keep an open mind and be positive BUT it did seem too good to be true. What the heck, I decided to give it a try.

At first it really turned my stomach to think of putting this substance, that looks like lard, into my mouth. I tried to think positive and picture me getting rid of sinus congestion once and for all. The texture gagged me at first. I couldn’t get LARD out of my mind. I said to myself, “Lark, don’t be so ridiculous. Just do it.” So I did it. My sinus headache was better within 2 hours and gone by the next day. Within a week my ears were unplugged and my sinuses were draining. I haven’t had a sinus headache since November 2013.

I start each morning OIL PULLING. You need to do this on an empty stomach, before eating or drinking anything. I take ONE TABLESPOON of organic, raw, extra virgin coconut oil into my mouth and swish. You keep swishing it around your mouth for 20 minutes. DO NOT SWALLOW ANY OF THIS LIQUID. YES, I said 20 minutes. I know that seems like a long time, I thought so to at first. BUT find something to do. Make your bed, take a shower, get your coffee or tea made, clean up the kitchen, pick out what you are wearing today, check your emails. Come on now, you can find something to do for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes SPIT INTO THE GARBAGE and DO NOT SWALLOW any of this liquid. Do not spit into any drains. It will harden and clog drains. Now rinse your mouth with warm water. Brush your teeth if you like, I brush mine after breakfast. Now carry on with your day.

I hope I got you to thinking about internet searching ‘THE BENEFITS OF OIL PULLING’. There are many and I am a healthier lady since making OIL PULLING part of my daily routine. By the way my husband is also OIL PULLING and that is an event in itself. :0)